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"SELF CARE" for as little as 30 minutes can help you to relax and release layers of stress within your body to help promote a better you.

While combined Reiki Master's and Certified Reflexologist use Integrative Therapies, like Reiki Healing Touch and Reflexology, to address Body, Mind and Inner Spirit.

Reflexology treatments, the therapist focuses Accupressure 

on key points in the hands and feet to combat discomfort throughout the body. 


Reiki Healing Touch blends energy therapy with Chakra balancing to help restore Harmony in the Body's Energy System to help promote Self-Healing.


Reiki Healing Touch and Reflexology is an Integrative Therapy with Chakra Balancing which helps to relax and strengthen the Well Being, reduce stress, chronic pain, anxiety and fatigue while lifting mood, in addition to supporting recovery after or injuries or surgery.



Call for your appointment today (336) 455-4440

1856 Pembroke Rd., Moore Building Suite 5 - Greensboro, NC 27408


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